The images are printed directly onto aluminium as it has a crisp and accurate presentation suit the technique well.  The pieces are either 70x70 cm or 100x50 cm, and are supplied ready to hang.  They retail at £450, with the exception of The High - 1, 2 & 3 which are £350 each.


When you look at the print there is no glass in the way ... the first thing you see is the colour ... it is very vivid.  Two thin aluminium plates primed with platinum white baking enamel surround a black polyethylene core and ensure maximum stability and weather resistance. 


The surface which has a matt white coating to minimise unwanted reflections. 


If you wish to purchase with the benefits of a Gallery then please go to ArtGallery.co.uk.


Or if you wish to purchase direct then please contact me at keith@ownimage.co.uk