Through Strange Eyes

About TSE

Many, but not all of the (Through Strange Eyes) TSE images are 360 degree panoramas which have gone through the ‘Perception’ algorithm.


I can trace the routes of this back to 1988 when I took my first panorama and it has been developing ever since.  Normally photography is very dishonest, the photographer chooses what to take the photo of, what to include or omit … with the 360 degree photography everything is included (if you step in front of something to exclude it … it just appears behind you!). 


But not everything that you see do you perceive with equal weight – hence the ‘Perception’ algorithm.  It is a series of colouring techniques and post processing that allows me to choose which parts of the image are important and which are not and correct (not distort) the image so what you see it what I perceived, what it felt like when I was there.